About us

The civil association LCT was founded in order to support all activities that further education, the scholarly and publication activities of university teachers, translation and interpreting students' practice, linguistics, literary studies, and the teaching of foreign languages, translation and interpreting.

The association also aims to popularize these activities, as well as connect authentic translation practice with the studies of translation and interpreting students, thus helping to produce alumni who, immediately upon graduating, are able to actively take part in the labour market with a comparative advantage.

Association governance

Executive committee

Chair and statutory body

doc. Mgr. Vladimír BILOVESKÝ, PhD.

Vice-chair and statutory body



doc. PhDr. Ivan ŠUŠA, PhD.


Mgr. Marianna BACHLEDOVÁ, PhD.

Executive committee member

doc. PhDr. Ľudmila MEŠKOVÁ, CSc.

Review committee members

doc. Mgr. Martin DJOVČOŠ, PhD.

doc. PaeDr. Zdenko DOBRÍK, PhD.

Mgr. Matej LAŠ, PhD.

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LCT – lingua, communicatio, translatio
Šalgotarjánska 1, 974 04 Banská Bystrica
Slovenská republika


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